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Image 1
The children practice their physical skills.

Image 2
Playing in the sand and water tray.

Image 3
Splashing about in the paddling pool.

Image 4
My daughter, Niamh, relaxing on the sofa.

Image 5
Tactile fun in the sand and water tray.

Image 6
The children play in a large, secure rear garden.

Image 7
Plenty of space to run around safely outside.

Image 8
Niamh crawls through the "Peekapod".

Image 9
The children can practice their mark making.

Image 10
Playing on the activity mat with plenty of fun toys.

Image 11
A variety of fun and educational books are available.

Image 12
Playing in the ball pit indoors during bad weather.

Image 13
Our lovely, friendly rabbit, Charlie, hops around the garden.

Image 14
Children love the large, tropical fish tank.

Image 15
Benson, our ginger cat, doing what he does best ... relaxing!