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Illness And Infectious Diseases Policy

It is important to keep the children that are in my care safe, healthy and to take necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection within my childcare setting.

Any exclusion details will be discussed with the parents during the settling in period.

If a child arrives at my setting with an illness that I believe to be infectious or poses a risk to the other children in my care, the parent/guardian will be contacted and the child will have to be collected and will not be able to attend the setting until they have been well for the recommended amount of time.

In accordance with the agreed contract, I will still expect payment for the child's place even if they are excluded from my setting due to an illness or infectious disease.

If your child has a severe cold, or sickness and diarrhoea, I expect the child to be collected and not return to the setting for a minimum of 48 hours. This is to reduce spreading the infection to the other children in my care and my family.

If myself or any other members of my family have contracted an illness or infectious disease that is harmful to your child, I will inform you immediately. As I will not be able to offer you my services, you will not be charged for the time your child cannot attend, as stated in the contract agreement.

How I will help to reduce the risk of children spreading infection: Occasionally your child may get a fever and this can be for many reasons. A fever is counted as anything over 100.4F or 38 degrees centigrade. I will expect the child's parents to provide me with some infant or child Calpol or Nurofen and if needed, with the parents permission, I will administer this. I will keep a record of the child's temperature and will take it with a digital thermometer at regular intervals. If the temperature is still showing no signs of decreasing after one hour, I will contact the parent to collect the child.