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Behaviour Policy

All children in my care will be treated equally and are made to feel welcome in my home. At times I may need to use techniques I have learnt to manage children's behaviour. These are all reasonable and appropriate; I aim to teach the children in my care to recognise unacceptable behaviour and do not or will not use any form of physical punishment and will never humiliate a child. I endorse positive discipline as a more effective way of setting boundaries for children. I keep up to date with any behaviour management issues by way of training.

Before a placement starts, any behaviour management issues will be discussed with parents. I believe that consistency in the child's home, and my setting, will encourage positive behaviour. Where ever possible I will try to meet parents requests to care for their children in relation to values and practices; records of these requirements will be agreed and kept in the child's file. These records will be reviewed/adapted appropriately during regular reviews with myself and the child's parent(s).

All parents will have access to my behaviour policy.

I expect all parents to advise me of any circumstances that could affect the child's behaviour, for example, a new baby, parents separation, divorce, a new partner or a bereavement. All personal information that is shared will be kept confidential, unless there is a child protection issue.

Below are some techniques I will use to teach positive behaviour: If you have any issues about your child's behaviour that you would like to discuss with me, I will be happy to advise and support you and your child.